Over the past century African american males have taken this game by storm and becoming some of the most iconic players of all time. From Jackie Robinson breaking to color barrier, to the bat breaking antics of Bo Jackson. Hell even Micheal Jordan took a few swings. Sadly over the past 30 years, there been a drastic decrease in black players, showing that out of the 882 players in the MLB there are only 68 black players which equates to only 7.7%. The theories around the decreasing population range from mass incarceration, to socioeconomic issues, and other factors that plague African American Males.
 Nonetheless, one thing that should not hinder US from playing this great sport is OUR own foot health.
A study was conducted back in 2009, where scientist studied foot morphology differences among different ethnicities.  They looked at the ethnicities commonly found on most MLB Rosters, Caucasian, Hispanic and African American Male. 
The results showed that African American male had the lowest Calcaneal pitch amongst the test groups and are 3x more likely to be flat footed. 
Being that baseball is such a harsh sport especially for the feet, it can definitely pose some severe longer term injuries if not properly supported.
In order to get a better understanding of the players needs, I spoke with collegiate level african american baseball players, about the footwear that was provided by the team.
My findings were that they typically go for shoes that has ample support, a great fit and more comfortable to play in. we also discussed their arch support regiments. They wore gel inserts, prescribed orthotics, and did exercises. when choosing trainers, cleats and lifestyle shoes. The nature of arch exercises stuck out to me, with how it makes the foot stronger. 
Which brought me to the windlass mechanism. Dorsiflexing or raising the big toe, causes the arch to lift along with other benefits such as making the foot more rigid and better for propulsion which is ideal for baseball.
All of this technology is encapsulated in this innovative midsole, without the need for external arch support or prescribed orthotics.
Which is a bigger inconvenience for the athlete than you would think.
my interview with Oregon Duck Pitcher Cole Stringer proves that.
Introducing the X-trainer 2 in the “Black Ice” Colorway
Ok so after you’ve earned your arch, its now time to flex that muscle and weep the benefits of wearing the X-Trainer 2.
The creation process of this shoe is part 3D,part cobbling. Utilizing my 3D printer I was able to create a wearable model for testing.
Now introducing the Catalyst Hybrid Cleat in the “42 Til Infinity” Colorway
Paying Homage to Jackie Robinson being the first black MLB player, Our first color way is a nod to that accomplishment.
So now you have earned your arch, and dominated the diamond. so now what?
You recover…..in style.
So the idea behind this shoe is that after playing the athlete needs something comfortable to wear around.
ideally, a simple slip on shoe with a thick cushioning system is a safe option, but where’s the fun in that?
This was an opportunity to fuse the line between function and fashion and create something bold, that transforms a minimal sock upper shoe into a completely different monster.
The Jumptown LS2 Is all about comfort and aesthetics. Featuring an ultra minimal knit upper attached to soft AxionFoam Cushion that can be worn as is.
upgraded by attaching a very robust, Modular RPU Cage.
with comfort and support in mind
ETHOS AxionFoam Provides the player an ultra soft cushioning solution featuring the windlass midsole technology which continues to give that athlete the comfort and support he needs. Perfect for post game/practice and workouts.
with aesthetics in mind 
To counteract the ultra minimal design of the upper, the midsole features an art generated traction system that adds much needed contrast while maintaining the sleek look.
The Modular RPU Cage transforms this shoe from a sleek slip on shoe to a bold fashionable shoe that visually demands attention with its presence.
Introducing the Jumptown LS2 In the “Winter Warz” Colorway

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